Chapter 102. Worker's Compensation  

Section 102.01. Definitions.
Section 102.03. Conditions of liability.
Section 102.04. Definition of employer.
Section 102.05. Election by employer, withdrawal.
Section 102.06. Joint liability of employer and contractor.
Section 102.07. Employee defined.
Section 102.075. Election by sole proprietor, partner or member.
Section 102.076. Election by corporate officer.
Section 102.077. Election by school district or private school.
Section 102.078. Election by real estate firm.
Section 102.08. Administration for state employees.
Section 102.11. Earnings, method of computation.
Section 102.12. Notice of injury, exception, laches.
Section 102.123. Statement of employee.
Section 102.125. Fraud reporting, investigation, and prosecution.
Section 102.13. Examination; competent witnesses; exclusion of evidence; autopsy.
Section 102.14. Jurisdiction of department and division; advisory committee.
Section 102.15. Rules of procedure; transcripts.
Section 102.16. Submission of disputes, contributions by employees.
Section 102.17. Procedure; notice of hearing; witnesses, contempt; testimony, medical examination.
Section 102.175. Apportionment of liability.
Section 102.18. Findings, orders and awards.
Section 102.19. Alien dependents; payments through consular officers.
Section 102.195. Employees confined in institutions; payment of benefits.
Section 102.20. Judgment on award.
Section 102.21. Payment of awards by local governmental units.
Section 102.22. Penalty for delayed payments; interest.
Section 102.23. Judicial review.
Section 102.24. Remanding record.
Section 102.25. Appeal from judgment on award.
Section 102.26. Fees and costs.
Section 102.27. Claims and awards protected; exceptions.
Section 102.28. Preference of claims; worker's compensation insurance.
Section 102.29. Third party liability.
Section 102.30. Other insurance not affected; liability of insured employer.
Section 102.31. Worker's compensation insurance; policy regulations.
Section 102.315. Worker's compensation insurance; employee leasing companies.
Section 102.32. Continuing liability; guarantee settlement, gross payment.
Section 102.33. Forms and records; public access.
Section 102.35. Penalties.
Section 102.37. Employers' records.
Section 102.38. Records and reports of payments.
Section 102.39. Rules and general orders; application of statutes.
Section 102.40. Reports not evidence in actions.
Section 102.42. Incidental compensation.
Section 102.425. Prescription and nonprescription drug treatment.
Section 102.43. Weekly compensation schedule.
Section 102.44. Maximum limitations.
Section 102.45. Benefits payable to minors; how paid.
Section 102.46. Death benefit.
Section 102.47. Death benefit, continued.
Section 102.475. Death benefit; law enforcement and correctional officers, fire fighters, rescue squad members, diving team members, national or state guard members and emergency management personnel.
Section 102.48. Death benefit, continued.
Section 102.49. Additional death benefit for children, state fund.
Section 102.50. Burial expenses.
Section 102.51. Dependents.
Section 102.52. Permanent partial disability schedule.
Section 102.53. Multiple injury variations.
Section 102.54. Injury to dominant hand.
Section 102.55. Application of schedules.
Section 102.555. Occupational deafness; definitions.
Section 102.56. Disfigurement.
Section 102.565. Toxic or hazardous exposure; medical examination; conditions of liability.
Section 102.57. Violations of safety provisions, penalty.
Section 102.58. Decreased compensation.
Section 102.59. Preexisting disability, indemnity.
Section 102.60. Minor illegally employed.
Section 102.61. Indemnity under rehabilitation law.
Section 102.62. Primary and secondary liability; unchangeable.
Section 102.63. Refunds by state.
Section 102.64. Attorney general shall represent state and commission.
Section 102.65. Work injury supplemental benefit fund.
Section 102.66. Payment of certain barred claims.
Section 102.75. Administrative expenses.
Section 102.80. Uninsured employers fund.
Section 102.81. Compensation for injured employee of uninsured employer.
Section 102.82. Uninsured employer payments.
Section 102.83. Collection of uninsured employer payments.
Section 102.835. Levy for delinquent payments.
Section 102.84. Preference of required payments.
Section 102.85. Uninsured employers; penalties.
Section 102.87. Citation procedure.
Section 102.88. Penalties; repeaters.
Section 102.89. Parties to a violation.


Cross-reference: See also ch. DWD 80 , Wis. adm. code.