Chapter 94. Plant Industry  

Section 94.01. Plant inspection and pest control authority.
Section 94.02. Abatement of pests.
Section 94.03. Shipment of pests and biological control agents; permits.
Section 94.10. Nursery stock; inspection and licensing.
Section 94.11. Special inspections; fees.
Section 94.26. Cranberry culture; maintenance of dams, etc.
Section 94.27. Liability for damages.
Section 94.28. Arbitrators to fix damages.
Section 94.29. Appeal.
Section 94.30. Rights on payment.
Section 94.31. Service of notice.
Section 94.32. Pay of arbitrators.
Section 94.35. Cranberry Growers Association.
Section 94.38. Agricultural and vegetable seeds; definitions.
Section 94.385. Seed label requirements.
Section 94.40. Seed certification.
Section 94.41. Prohibitions.
Section 94.42. Exemptions.
Section 94.43. Seed labeler's license.
Section 94.44. Records.
Section 94.45. Powers and authority of the department.
Section 94.46. Stop sale; penalties; enforcement.
Section 94.50. Cultivated ginseng.
Section 94.64. Fertilizer.
Section 94.643. Restrictions on the use and sale of fertilizer containing phosphorus.
Section 94.645. Fertilizer and pesticide storage.
Section 94.65. Soil and plant additives.
Section 94.66. Sale of agricultural lime; license; penalty.
Section 94.67. Pesticides; definitions.
Section 94.675. Pesticides; adulteration.
Section 94.676. Pesticides; misbranding.
Section 94.68. Pesticides; licensing of manufacturers and labelers.
Section 94.681. Pesticide manufacturers and labelers: fees and surcharges.
Section 94.685. Pesticides; licensing of dealers and distributors of restricted-use pesticides.
Section 94.69. Pesticides; rules.
Section 94.697. Railroad pesticide use.
Section 94.70. Pesticides; prohibited acts.
Section 94.701. Pesticides; local regulation.
Section 94.703. Pesticides; licensing of commercial application businesses.
Section 94.704. Pesticides; licensing of individual commercial applicators.
Section 94.705. Pesticides; certification requirements and standards.
Section 94.707. Distribution and sale of certain pesticides.
Section 94.708. Pesticides; sale and use to control bats.
Section 94.709. Distribution and sale of DDT prohibited.
Section 94.71. Pesticides; penalties; enforcement.
Section 94.715. Pest management for schools.
Section 94.72. Commercial feed.
Section 94.73. Agricultural chemical cleanup program.
Section 94.74. Prevention of pollution from agricultural chemicals.
Section 94.76. Honeybee disease and pest control.
Section 94.761. Beekeepers, etc.; agricultural pursuit.
Section 94.77. Penalties.


Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 93.01 .