Chapter 93. Department Of Agriculture, Trade And Consumer Protection  

Section 93.01. Definitions.
Section 93.02. Staff.
Section 93.03. Offices of department, hearings, investigations.
Section 93.06. Department powers.
Section 93.07. Department duties.
Section 93.075. Policy of cooperative marketing adopted.
Section 93.08. Access for law enforcement.
Section 93.09. Standards and regulations.
Section 93.10. Inspector's certificate.
Section 93.11. Licensing of inspectors.
Section 93.12. Laboratories, approval of.
Section 93.135. License denial, nonrenewal, suspension or restriction based on failure to pay support, taxes, or unemployment insurance contributions.
Section 93.14. Power to conduct hearings; secure evidence; witness fees.
Section 93.15. Reports to department; inspections.
Section 93.16. Preliminary investigation.
Section 93.17. Immunity; perjury.
Section 93.18. Hearings; orders; service; procedure; revocation.
Section 93.20. Enforcement costs.
Section 93.21. Penalties.
Section 93.22. Enforcement provisions.
Section 93.23. Local fairs.
Section 93.29. Exposition center grants.
Section 93.30. World dairy expo.
Section 93.31. Livestock breeders association.
Section 93.32. Agriculture in the classroom program.
Section 93.33. Agricultural education and workforce development council.
Section 93.35. Weather modification.
Section 93.40. Dairy promotion.
Section 93.41. Stray voltage.
Section 93.42. Center for international agribusiness marketing.
Section 93.44. Commodity promotion.
Section 93.45. Buy local, buy Wisconsin.
Section 93.46. Agricultural diversification.
Section 93.47. Bioenergy council.
Section 93.48. Buy local grant program.
Section 93.49. Farm to school programs.
Section 93.50. Farm mediation and arbitration program.
Section 93.51. Farmer assistance.
Section 93.52. Dairy farmer exit-entry program.
Section 93.53. Beginning farmer and farm asset owner tax credit eligibility.
Section 93.535. Dairy manufacturing facility investment credit.
Section 93.54. Food processing plant and food warehouse investment credit.
Section 93.545. Meat processing facility investment credit.
Section 93.547. Woody biomass harvesting and processing credit.
Section 93.55. Chemical and container collection grants.
Section 93.57. Household hazardous waste.
Section 93.59. Producer led watershed protection grants.
Section 93.70. Conservation reserve enhancement program.
Section 93.73. Purchase of agricultural conservation easements.
Section 93.80. Arsenic in wood.
Section 93.90. Livestock facility siting and expansion.