Chapter 87. Flood Control  

Section 87.01. Definitions.
Section 87.02. Powers of department.
Section 87.03. Petition for flood works.
Section 87.04. Action on petition.
Section 87.05. Scope of hearing.
Section 87.06. Court review of dismissal.
Section 87.07. Preliminary order.
Section 87.075. Special procedure.
Section 87.076. Financing.
Section 87.08. Petition of board; modification of order, court review.
Section 87.085. Federal cooperation.
Section 87.09. Assessment of benefits.
Section 87.095. Public park lands not benefited by improvement.
Section 87.10. Collection of assessments; bonds.
Section 87.11. When benefits exceed cost; when costs will exceed benefits; temporary borrowing; maintenance fund.
Section 87.12. Flood control board, creation, duties, powers, pay, funds.
Section 87.13. Disbursements by board.
Section 87.14. Operation and maintenance.
Section 87.15. Repairs, replacements and extensions; procedure.
Section 87.16. Court proceedings given preference.
Section 87.17. Trespass, penalty.
Section 87.18. Lease, sale and lease with option to purchase the project.
Section 87.30. Floodplain zoning.
Section 87.304. Regulation of historic property in floodplains.
Section 87.305. Use of certain facilities on St. Feriole island.
Section 87.31. Floodplain and shoreland mapping assistance program.