Chapter 85. Department Of Transportation  

Section 85.01. Definitions.
Section 85.013. Hearings.
Section 85.015. Transportation assistance contracts.
Section 85.02. Planning, promotion and protection.
Section 85.0205. Expenditures for aesthetic elements.
Section 85.021. Transportation alternatives program.
Section 85.022. Multimodal transportation studies.
Section 85.023. Planning for bicycle facilities.
Section 85.025. Highway and bridge projects.
Section 85.028. Milwaukee east-west transportation corridor.
Section 85.03. Federal reduction or termination of aid.
Section 85.035. Reduction of department appropriations.
Section 85.04. Acquisition of replacement lands.
Section 85.05. Evaluation of proposed major highway projects.
Section 85.052. Change management system for major highway projects.
Section 85.055. Passenger railroad station improvements.
Section 85.06. Rail passenger service assistance and promotion.
Section 85.061. Rail passenger route development.
Section 85.062. Major transit capital improvement projects.
Section 85.064. Commuter rail transit system development.
Section 85.065. Urban rail line relocations.
Section 85.066. Transit safety oversight program.
Section 85.067. Midwest interstate passenger rail compact.
Section 85.07. Highway safety coordination.
Section 85.075. Rail program rules.
Section 85.077. Railroad projects and competitive bidding.
Section 85.08. Freight railroad assistance.
Section 85.085. Private road crossings.
Section 85.09. Acquisition of abandoned rail property.
Section 85.095. Harbor assistance program.
Section 85.10. Sale of aerial photographic survey products.
Section 85.103. Disclosure of personal identifiers.
Section 85.105. Sale of motor vehicle records.
Section 85.107. Scholarship and loan repayment incentive grant program.
Section 85.12. Statewide public safety radio management program.
Section 85.13. Cost of traffic violation and registration program.
Section 85.14. Payments by credit card or other electronic payment mechanism; electronic transactions.
Section 85.15. Property management.
Section 85.16. Department rules and forms.
Section 85.17. Storage of highway salt.
Section 85.18. Groundwater protection.
Section 85.19. Construction site erosion control.
Section 85.193. Borrow and material disposal sites for transportation projects.
Section 85.195. Coordination with land conservation committees.
Section 85.20. Urban mass transit operating assistance program.
Section 85.205. Paratransit aids.
Section 85.21. Specialized transportation assistance program for counties.
Section 85.215. Tribal elderly transportation grant program.
Section 85.22. Specialized transportation program.
Section 85.23. Rural public transportation assistance program.
Section 85.24. Transportation employment and mobility program.
Section 85.245. Congestion mitigation and air quality improvement program.
Section 85.25. Disadvantaged business mobilization assistance program.
Section 85.26. Intercity bus assistance program.
Section 85.28. Driver license reinstatement training program.
Section 85.30. Type 1 motorcycle, moped and motor bicycle safety program.
Section 85.31. Information for tax bills.
Section 85.32. Statewide trauma care system transfer.
Section 85.35. Motor carrier projects program.
Section 85.51. State traffic patrol services.
Section 85.52. Transportation infrastructure loan program.
Section 85.55. Safe-ride grant program.
Section 85.605. Professional football stadium maintenance and operating costs.
Section 85.61. Compliance with federal Help America Vote Act.
Section 85.62. Transportation fund balance and appropriation reductions.
Section 85.63. Surveying reference station system.