Chapter 84. State Trunk Highways; Federal Aid  

Section 84.001. Definitions.
Section 84.01. Department powers and duties.
Section 84.011. Who to sign contracts.
Section 84.012. Setoffs.
Section 84.013. Highway projects.
Section 84.014. Southeast Wisconsin freeway rehabilitation; Marquette interchange reconstruction project.
Section 84.0145. Southeast Wisconsin freeway megaprojects.
Section 84.015. Federal highway aid accepted.
Section 84.016. Major interstate bridge projects.
Section 84.017. High-cost state highway bridge projects.
Section 84.02. State trunk highway system.
Section 84.03. Federal aid; state and local funds.
Section 84.04. Roadside improvement.
Section 84.05. Railroad crossing improvements.
Section 84.06. Highway construction.
Section 84.062. Prevailing wage.
Section 84.063. Utility facilities relocation.
Section 84.065. Railroad and utility alteration and relocation loan program.
Section 84.07. Maintenance of state trunk highways.
Section 84.072. Unified disadvantaged business certification program.
Section 84.075. Contracting with minority businesses and disabled veteran-owned businesses.
Section 84.076. Disadvantaged business demonstration and training program.
Section 84.078. Use of recovered material.
Section 84.08. Franchises.
Section 84.09. Acquisition of lands and interests therein.
Section 84.093. Cooperative acquisition of rights-of-way.
Section 84.095. Transportation project plats.
Section 84.10. Maintenance and operation of bridges not on state trunks.
Section 84.101. Military memorial highways and bridges.
Section 84.1018. Veterans of the American Revolution Memorial Bridge.
Section 84.1019. Fifty-seventh Field Artillery Brigade Memorial Highway.
Section 84.102. Governor Nelson Dewey Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1021. Georgia O'Keeffe Memorial Highway.
Section 84.10215. Stephen Ambrose Memorial Highway.
Section 84.10217. Lee and Lynn Copen Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1022. Green Bay Ethnic Trail.
Section 84.10225. Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route.
Section 84.1023. Avery Wilber Memorial Bridge.
Section 84.1024. Veterans Memorial Bridge.
Section 84.1025. Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial Highway.
Section 84.10255. Frank Lloyd Wright Trail.
Section 84.1026. Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Highway.
Section 84.1027. Wisconsin Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians Highway.
Section 84.1028. Wisconsin Fire Fighters-EMT/Citizen Soldier Bridge.
Section 84.1029. Wisconsin Law Enforcement/Citizen Soldier Bridge.
Section 84.103. Veterans Memorial Highways.
Section 84.1031. Citizen Soldier Highway.
Section 84.10315. 128th Infantry Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1032. Blue Star Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1033. Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge.
Section 84.1034. Airborne Brigade, 173rd, Highway.
Section 84.10343. Carson Holmquist Memorial Highway.
Section 84.10345. Nichole M. Frye Memorial Bridge.
Section 84.1035. Peace Memorial Highway.
Section 84.10355. Governor Patrick Lucey Highway.
Section 84.1036. Major Richard I. Bong Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1038. Iron Brigade Memorial Highway.
Section 84.104. 32nd Division Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1041. Freedoms Bridge.
Section 84.10415. Steven Drees Memorial Bridge.
Section 84.10416. Veterans Memorial Bridge in Marinette County.
Section 84.1042. Lloyd Spriggle Memorial Bridge.
Section 84.1043. Cinco De Mayo Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1044. John R. Plewa Memorial Lake Parkway.
Section 84.1045. Roland Kampo Bridge.
Section 84.1046. Airborne Forces Memorial Bridge.
Section 84.1047. POW/MIA Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1048. Polish Heritage Highway.
Section 84.1049. Polish Veterans Memorial Highway.
Section 84.105. National parkways.
Section 84.1051. Gaylord Nelson Highway.
Section 84.1053. Jeannetta Simpson-Robinson Memorial Highway.
Section 84.106. Scenic byways program.
Section 84.107. Great River Road.
Section 84.11. Local bridge construction and reconstruction.
Section 84.115. Bridge in Door County.
Section 84.12. Interstate bridges.
Section 84.13. Purchase of toll bridges.
Section 84.135. Purchase of interstate toll bridges.
Section 84.14. Bridge construction.
Section 84.15. Bridges.
Section 84.16. Jurisdictional transfers of bridges.
Section 84.17. Bridge inspection and inventory.
Section 84.18. Local bridge program.
Section 84.185. Transportation facilities economic assistance and development.
Section 84.20. State repair and maintenance of highways and streets.
Section 84.25. Controlled-access highways.
Section 84.27. Institution roads.
Section 84.28. State park, forest and riverway roads.
Section 84.29. National system of interstate highways.
Section 84.295. Freeways and expressways.
Section 84.30. Regulation of outdoor advertising.
Section 84.305. Vegetation obstructing view of outdoor advertising signs.
Section 84.31. Regulation of junkyards.
Section 84.40. Department; relation to nonprofit corporations.
Section 84.41. State liability; applicable laws; tax exemption; securing of federal aids.
Section 84.42. Limitations on bonding.
Section 84.51. Construction of state highways.
Section 84.52. Construction of intrastate and interstate bridges.
Section 84.53. Matching of federal aid.
Section 84.555. Additional funding of major highway and rehabilitation projects.
Section 84.56. Additional funding for major highway projects.
Section 84.57. Additional funding for certain state highway rehabilitation projects.
Section 84.58. Additional contingent funding for major highway and rehabilitation projects.
Section 84.59. Funding of transportation facilities and highway projects.
Section 84.60. Bikeways.
Section 84.95. General obligation bonding for highway rehabilitation projects.
Section 84.1037. Donald K. “Deke" Slayton Memorial Highway.
Section 84.1039. 84th Division “Railsplitters" Memorial Highway.