Chapter 83. County Highways  

Section 83.001. Definition.
Section 83.01. County highway commissioner.
Section 83.013. County traffic safety commissions.
Section 83.015. County highway committee.
Section 83.016. Traffic patrol officers, appointment, duties, bond.
Section 83.018. Road supplies; committee may sell to municipalities.
Section 83.02. County aid highways.
Section 83.025. County trunk highways.
Section 83.026. Federal aid secondary highways.
Section 83.027. Controlled-access highways.
Section 83.03. County aid; local levy; donations.
Section 83.035. Streets and highways, construction.
Section 83.04. Highway construction by county; noncontract work; payments.
Section 83.05. Improving streets over 18 feet wide.
Section 83.06. Maintenance of county aid highways.
Section 83.065. County road and bridge fund; tax levy.
Section 83.07. Acquisition of lands, quarries, gravel pits; relocation; eminent domain.
Section 83.08. Acquisition of lands and interest therein.
Section 83.09. Emergency repairs of county trunk highways.
Section 83.11. Marking section and quarter section corners in highways.
Section 83.12. Cattle passes.
Section 83.13. Guideboards.
Section 83.14. County aid on town and village initiative.
Section 83.15. Aid by county for state line bridge or highway.
Section 83.16. County may contract with foreign county.
Section 83.17. County may assume compensation liability; agreements with localities.
Section 83.18. Entry on lands.
Section 83.19. Temporary highways and detours.
Section 83.20. Highways, lighting.
Section 83.42. Rustic roads system.