Chapter 61. Villages  

Section 61.187. Dissolution.
Section 61.188. Certain villages may become cities by charter ordinance.
Section 61.189. Villages of 1,000 may become cities.
Section 61.19. Annual elections; appointments.
Section 61.191. Population, use of federal census.
Section 61.193. Establishing and changing compensation for elective offices.
Section 61.195. Discontinuance and change of term of offices.
Section 61.197. Selection of officers.
Section 61.20. Election of trustees; terms; number.
Section 61.21. Clerk to notify officers-elect; oath of office.
Section 61.22. Official bonds; officers not to be sureties.
Section 61.23. Terms; temporary vacancy.
Section 61.24. President.
Section 61.25. Clerk.
Section 61.26. Treasurer.
Section 61.261. Deputy village treasurer.
Section 61.27. Assessor.
Section 61.28. Marshal.
Section 61.29. Constable.
Section 61.31. Peace officers, powers.
Section 61.32. Village board; meeting; salaries.
Section 61.325. Trustee may be appointed president.
Section 61.34. Powers of village board.
Section 61.342. Direct legislation.
Section 61.345. Recycling or resource recovery facilities.
Section 61.35. Village planning.
Section 61.351. Zoning of wetlands in shorelands.
Section 61.352. Required notice on certain approvals.
Section 61.353. Zoning of annexed or incorporated shorelands.
Section 61.354. Construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning.
Section 61.36. Streets, sidewalks, sewers and watercourses.
Section 61.39. Service pipes and sewers.
Section 61.44. Railroads, dust prevention.
Section 61.46. Village taxes.
Section 61.47. Street and sidewalk improvement tax.
Section 61.48. County aid for construction and repair of bridges and culverts.
Section 61.50. Ordinances; contracts; other instruments; how executed.
Section 61.51. Auditing accounts.
Section 61.54. Public works.
Section 61.57. Acquisition of recycling or resource recovery facilities without bids.
Section 61.61. Village orders; borrowing money.
Section 61.64. Ambulance service.
Section 61.65. Police and fire departments; pension funds.
Section 61.66. Combined protective services.
Section 61.71. Consolidated plats; numbering of buildings.
Section 61.72. Pest and disease prevention.
Section 61.73. Village housing authorities.
Section 61.74. Detachment of farm lands from villages.
Section 61.75. Rewards.