Chapter 46. Social Services  

Section 46.001. Purposes of chapter.
Section 46.011. Definitions.
Section 46.014. Secretary, powers and duties.
Section 46.016. Cooperation with federal government.
Section 46.017. Legal actions.
Section 46.018. Disbursement of funds and facsimile signatures.
Section 46.02. Agency powers and duties.
Section 46.027. Contract powers.
Section 46.028. Electronic benefit transfer.
Section 46.03. Department, powers and duties.
Section 46.031. County social service and mental hygiene budget and contract.
Section 46.034. Authority to establish services integration and coordination pilot programs.
Section 46.035. Department, additional powers to provide structures, facilities and permanent improvements.
Section 46.036. Purchase of care and services.
Section 46.04. Anchorage program.
Section 46.041. Children's consultation service; establishment; purposes.
Section 46.042. Treatment program for emotionally disturbed children.
Section 46.043. Additional services of mental health institutes.
Section 46.044. State psychiatric institute.
Section 46.047. State-operated residential facilities and support services.
Section 46.048. Central Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled.
Section 46.055. Secure mental health facility for sexually violent persons.
Section 46.056. Wisconsin Resource Center.
Section 46.057. Mendota juvenile treatment center.
Section 46.058. Bonds of employees; police powers; investigation of complaints.
Section 46.06. Lands; condemnation, easements, leases, sales, purchases.
Section 46.064. Client wages, allowances and release payments.
Section 46.066. Freedom of worship; religious ministration.
Section 46.07. Property of patients or residents.
Section 46.09. Purchases, bills, audits, payments.
Section 46.10. Cost of care and maintenance, liability; collection and deportation counsel; collections; court actions; recovery.
Section 46.13. Wassermann tests.
Section 46.14. Reports of state institutions.
Section 46.15. Institutions subject to chapter 150.
Section 46.16. General supervision and inspection by department.
Section 46.17. County buildings; establishment, approval, inspection.
Section 46.175. County institutions: minimum standards.
Section 46.18. Trustees of county institutions.
Section 46.19. Officers and employees of county institutions.
Section 46.20. Joint county institutions.
Section 46.205. County home in adjoining county.
Section 46.206. Welfare services; supervisory functions of state department.
Section 46.208. Relief block grants; functions of state department.
Section 46.21. Institutions and department of human services in populous counties.
Section 46.215. County department of social services in populous counties.
Section 46.22. County social services.
Section 46.225. Indigency determinations.
Section 46.23. County department of human services.
Section 46.238. Infants and unborn children whose mothers abuse controlled substances, controlled substance analogs, or alcohol.
Section 46.245. Information for certain pregnant women.
Section 46.27. Long-term support community options program.
Section 46.271. Long-term support pilot projects.
Section 46.272. Children's community options program.
Section 46.275. Community integration program for residents of state centers.
Section 46.277. Community integration program for persons relocated or meeting reimbursable levels of care.
Section 46.278. Community integration program and brain injury waiver program for persons with developmental disabilities.
Section 46.2785. Community Opportunities and Recovery Program.
Section 46.279. Restrictions on placements and admissions to intermediate and nursing facilities.
Section 46.28. Revenue bonding for residential facilities.
Section 46.2803. Transition.
Section 46.2804. Client management of managed care long-term care benefit.
Section 46.2805. Definitions; long-term care.
Section 46.281. Powers and duties of the department, secretary, and counties; long-term care.
Section 46.2825. Regional long-term care advisory committees.
Section 46.283. Resource centers.
Section 46.284. Care management organizations.
Section 46.285. Operation of resource center and care management organization.
Section 46.286. Family care benefit.
Section 46.287. Hearings.
Section 46.288. Rule-making.
Section 46.2895. Long-term care district.
Section 46.2896. Counting promissory notes as assets.
Section 46.2897. Self-directed services option.
Section 46.2899. Services for the developmentally disabled who receive post-secondary education.
Section 46.29. Council on physical disabilities.
Section 46.293. Specialized programs for the blind and visually impaired.
Section 46.295. Interpreters for the hearing-impaired.
Section 46.297. Telecommunication aid for the hearing impaired.
Section 46.298. Vehicle sticker for the hearing impaired.
Section 46.33. Employee counseling referral programs.
Section 46.34. Emission standards for hazardous air contaminants.
Section 46.37. Certain water and sewerage service in Winnebago County.
Section 46.40. Community aids funding.
Section 46.45. Carry-over of community aids funds.
Section 46.48. Grants for community programs.
Section 46.485. Mental health services for severely emotionally disturbed children.
Section 46.49. Allocation of federal funds for community aids.
Section 46.495. Distribution of community aids funds to counties.
Section 46.50. State mental health authority.
Section 46.52. Systems change grants.
Section 46.53. Mental health treatment provider training.
Section 46.535. Crisis intervention training grants.
Section 46.536. Mobile crisis team grants.
Section 46.54. Consumer and family self-help and peer-support programs.
Section 46.545. Individual placement and support.
Section 46.55. Grants for services to persons in treatment.
Section 46.56. Initiatives to provide coordinated services for children and families.
Section 46.57. Grants for services to persons with epilepsy.
Section 46.65. Treatment alternative program.
Section 46.70. Delivery of services to American Indians.
Section 46.71. American Indian drug abuse prevention, treatment and education.
Section 46.75. Food distribution grants.
Section 46.77. Food distribution administration.
Section 46.80. Aging.
Section 46.81. Benefit specialist program.
Section 46.82. Aging unit.
Section 46.85. Programs for older individuals.
Section 46.856. Alzheimer's disease; training and information grants.
Section 46.86. Treatment programs.
Section 46.87. Alzheimer's family and caregiver support program.
Section 46.90. Elder abuse reporting system.
Section 46.96. Independent living center grants; independent living services.
Section 46.972. Primary health for homeless individuals.
Section 46.973. Drug dependence program.
Section 46.975. Grant and funding program; services related to alcohol and other drug abuse.
Section 46.977. Guardianship grants.
Section 46.986. Respite care program.
Section 46.99. Medical assistance waiver for Birth to 3 participants.
Section 46.995. Disabled children's long-term support program; local funding.