Chapter 38. Technical College System  

Section 38.001. Mission and purpose.
Section 38.01. Definitions.
Section 38.02. Establishment.
Section 38.04. Technical college system board; powers and duties.
Section 38.06. District boundaries.
Section 38.08. Composition and organization of district board.
Section 38.10. Appointment of district board members.
Section 38.12. District board duties.
Section 38.125. Public broadcasting stations.
Section 38.14. District board powers.
Section 38.145. Responsibilities of students.
Section 38.15. Financing of capital expenditures.
Section 38.16. District tax levy; revenue limit; property tax relief aid.
Section 38.18. Contracts and bidding.
Section 38.20. Adjustment of assets and liabilities.
Section 38.22. Admission requirements.
Section 38.23. Student discrimination prohibited.
Section 38.24. Fees and tuition.
Section 38.26. Minority student participation and retention grants.
Section 38.27. Incentive grants.
Section 38.272. Farm training program tuition grants.
Section 38.28. State aid.
Section 38.29. Chauffeur training grants.
Section 38.30. Special aid for veterans.
Section 38.31. Veteran grant jobs pilot program.
Section 38.32. Technical college instructor occupational competency program.
Section 38.33. Professional development grants.
Section 38.36. Nutritional improvement for elderly.
Section 38.38. Services for handicapped students.
Section 38.40. Technical preparation, school-to-work, and work-based learning programs.
Section 38.41. Training program.
Section 38.42. Grants to meet emergency financial need.
Section 38.50. Educational approval board.


Cross-reference: See also TCS , Wis. adm. code.