Chapter 31. Regulation Of Dams And Bridges Affecting Navigable Waters  

Section 31.01. Definitions.
Section 31.02. Powers and duties of department.
Section 31.03. Permits for the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.
Section 31.04. Permits for dams.
Section 31.045. Permits for dams that affect drained lands.
Section 31.05. Applications for permits to construct.
Section 31.06. Hearing.
Section 31.07. Applications for permits to operate and maintain existing dams.
Section 31.08. Hearing.
Section 31.09. Proposals to accompany applications.
Section 31.095. Water power permits, condition precedent.
Section 31.10. Permit not to be valued.
Section 31.11. Certificate of terms and forfeiture of permits.
Section 31.12. Map, profile and plans.
Section 31.13. Raising or enlarging existing dams.
Section 31.14. Proof of ability to maintain dams required.
Section 31.18. Obligations of owners of bridges and dams.
Section 31.185. Permits to abandon dams.
Section 31.187. Abandoned dams.
Section 31.19. Inspection of dams; orders.
Section 31.21. Transfer of permit.
Section 31.23. Forfeitures; private bridges and dams.
Section 31.25. Nuisances, abatement.
Section 31.253. Dam removal; opportunity for hearing.
Section 31.26. Civil liabilities.
Section 31.29. May employ hydraulic engineer and assistants.
Section 31.30. Dams on Brule River.
Section 31.305. Dams in the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.
Section 31.307. Dam on Milwaukee River.
Section 31.309. Portage levee system and canal.
Section 31.31. Dams on nonnavigable streams.
Section 31.32. Dams not to injure other dams or sites.
Section 31.33. Jurisdiction of department.
Section 31.34. Flow of water regulated.
Section 31.35. Dams in areas leased by county; restrictions; control by circuit judge; when.
Section 31.36. Levee commissioners.
Section 31.38. Municipal authority to construct and maintain dams.
Section 31.385. Dam safety; aid program.
Section 31.387. Dam rehabilitation projects.
Section 31.39. Fees for permits, approvals and hearings.
Section 31.99. Parties to a violation.