Chapter 26. Protection Of Forest Lands And Forest Productivity  

Section 26.01. Definitions.
Section 26.02. Council on forestry.
Section 26.03. Harvest of raw forest products.
Section 26.05. Timber theft.
Section 26.06. Enforcement, seizure and sale of materials.
Section 26.07. Money, how disposed of.
Section 26.08. Leases and licenses.
Section 26.09. Civil liability for unauthorized cutting, removal or transportation of raw forest products.
Section 26.10. Reports by the department to the board of commissioners of public lands.
Section 26.105. Forestry and fire prevention study.
Section 26.11. Forest fires; department jurisdiction; procedure.
Section 26.12. Forest protection areas, organization, emergency fire wardens, county cooperation, setting fire.
Section 26.13. Town fire wardens; duties, expenses.
Section 26.14. Forest fires, authority of fire fighters, compensation, penalties, civil liability.
Section 26.145. Fire suppression aids.
Section 26.15. Responsibility of wardens and citizens.
Section 26.18. District attorneys to prosecute.
Section 26.19. Destruction of forest protection equipment or notices.
Section 26.20. Fire protection devices.
Section 26.205. Tractors, spark arresters.
Section 26.21. Civil liability for forest fires.
Section 26.22. Sales, etc.
Section 26.30. Forest insects and diseases; department jurisdiction; procedure.
Section 26.35. Forest productivity.
Section 26.36. Forest energy resources.
Section 26.37. Lake states wood utilization consortium.
Section 26.38. Forest grant program.
Section 26.39. Forestry education and training.
Section 26.40. Forestry education grant program.
Section 26.42. Forestry diversification.
Section 26.97. Law enforcement and police power.
Section 26.98. General penalty.
Section 26.985. Penalties, repeaters.
Section 26.99. Parties to a violation.


Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 24.01 .