Chapter 23. Conservation  

Section 23.09. Conservation.
Section 23.091. Recreation areas.
Section 23.0912. Land management, maintenance, and improvement activities.
Section 23.0913. Report on land acquisitions.
Section 23.0915. Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson stewardship program.
Section 23.0916. Stewardship land access.
Section 23.09165. Stewardship programs information and public access notice.
Section 23.0917. Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson stewardship 2000 program.
Section 23.0918. Natural resources land endowment fund.
Section 23.0919. Wisconsin outdoor wildlife heritage trust fund.
Section 23.092. Habitat areas.
Section 23.093. Carp control research.
Section 23.094. Stream bank protection program.
Section 23.095. Protection of natural resources.
Section 23.0951. Wildlife action plan.
Section 23.0953. Grants to counties for land acquisition.
Section 23.0955. Assistance to nonprofit conservation organizations.
Section 23.0956. Assistance for private conservation activities.
Section 23.0957. Annual grants to a nonstock, nonprofit corporation; urban land conservation.
Section 23.096. Grants to nonprofit conservation organizations.
Section 23.0962. Grant to a nonprofit conservation organization for Black Point Estate.
Section 23.0965. Payments to Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Section 23.097. Urban forestry grants.
Section 23.098. Grants for property development on properties owned by the department.
Section 23.10. Conservation wardens.
Section 23.11. General powers.
Section 23.113. Designation of chief state forester.
Section 23.114. Duties of the chief state forester.
Section 23.115. Designation of trails, etc.
Section 23.116. Department property; mapping and access to roads.
Section 23.117. Use of trails by bicycles and electric personal assistive mobility devices.
Section 23.119. Consent to use certain off-highway vehicles.
Section 23.12. Bylaws.
Section 23.125. Natural resources board member conflicts of interest.
Section 23.13. Governor to be informed.
Section 23.135. Forest land inventory and report.
Section 23.14. Approval required before new lands acquired.
Section 23.145. Certain land sales required.
Section 23.146. Installation of telecommunications systems.
Section 23.15. Sale of state-owned lands under the jurisdiction of the department of natural resources.
Section 23.16. Periodicals.
Section 23.165. Promotional activities; other publications.
Section 23.167. Goals and accountability measures for economic development programs.
Section 23.169. Economic development assistance coordination and reporting.
Section 23.17. Ice age trail.
Section 23.175. State trails.
Section 23.177. Nonmotorized recreation and transportation trails council.
Section 23.178. Off-road vehicle council.
Section 23.179. Off-highway motorcycle council.
Section 23.19. Menomonee River conservation project.
Section 23.195. Monona terrace project in Madison.
Section 23.196. Willow flowage project.
Section 23.197. Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson stewardship programs; specific projects or activities.
Section 23.198. Milwaukee Lakeshore State Park.
Section 23.1987. Fish hatchery infrastructure project.
Section 23.20. Use of department gravel pits.
Section 23.22. Invasive species.
Section 23.235. Nuisance weeds.
Section 23.2355. Weed management grants.
Section 23.24. Aquatic plants.
Section 23.25. Geographic powers and duties.
Section 23.26. Natural areas preservation council.
Section 23.27. Natural areas; definitions; importance; inventory; acquisition; sales.
Section 23.28. State natural areas; designated state natural areas.
Section 23.29. Wisconsin natural areas heritage program.
Section 23.293. State ice age trail area dedication.
Section 23.295. Ice age trail area grants.
Section 23.30. Outdoor recreation program.
Section 23.305. Leasing of department land for recreational purposes.
Section 23.31. Recreation resources facilities.
Section 23.32. Wetlands mapping.
Section 23.321. Wetland identification and confirmation.
Section 23.322. Fees for computer accessible water resource management information.
Section 23.323. Wetlands informational brochure.
Section 23.325. Aerial photographic survey.
Section 23.33. All-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles.
Section 23.335. Off-highway motorcycles.
Section 23.35. Reciprocal registration exemption agreements for federally recognized American Indian tribes and bands.
Section 23.38. Natural resources law violation hotline.
Section 23.39. Placement of wind turbines.
Section 23.40. Environmental impact statement.
Section 23.41. Construction and service contracts.
Section 23.42. Environmental consulting costs for federal licensing of power projects.
Section 23.425. Environmental education.
Section 23.426. Programs at the Horicon Marsh education and visitor center.
Section 23.45. Nondisclosure of certain personal information.
Section 23.47. Forms of proof; electronic retrieval of information; reprints.
Section 23.49. Credit card use charges.
Section 23.50. Procedure in forfeiture actions.
Section 23.51. Words and phrases defined.
Section 23.52. Two forms of action.
Section 23.53. Use of citation.
Section 23.54. Citation form.
Section 23.55. Complaint and summons forms.
Section 23.56. Arrest with a warrant.
Section 23.57. Arrest without a warrant.
Section 23.58. Temporary questioning without arrest.
Section 23.59. Search during temporary questioning.
Section 23.60. Search incident to the issuance of a lawfully issued citation.
Section 23.61. Search and seizure; when authorized.
Section 23.62. Issuance of a citation.
Section 23.63. Officer's action after issuance of citation.
Section 23.64. Deposit after release.
Section 23.65. Issuance of complaint and summons.
Section 23.66. Deposit.
Section 23.67. Deposit and stipulation of no contest.
Section 23.68. Pleading.
Section 23.69. Motions.
Section 23.70. Arraignment; plea.
Section 23.71. Not guilty plea; immediate trial.
Section 23.72. Not guilty plea.
Section 23.73. Discovery.
Section 23.74. Mode of trial.
Section 23.75. Proceedings in court.
Section 23.76. Burden of proof.
Section 23.77. Jury trial.
Section 23.78. Verdict.
Section 23.79. Judgment.
Section 23.795. Nonpayment of judgments.
Section 23.80. Judgment against a corporation or municipality.
Section 23.81. Effect of plea of no contest.
Section 23.82. Fees.
Section 23.83. Appeal.
Section 23.84. Forfeitures, costs, fees, and surcharges collected; to whom paid.
Section 23.85. Statement to county board; payment to state.
Section 23.90. Place of trial.
Section 23.99. Parties to a violation.


Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 24.01 .