Chapter 17. Resignations, Vacancies, And Removals From Office  

Section 17.001. Definition.
Section 17.01. Resignations to whom made; when effective.
Section 17.015. Municipal judge: multiple resignations.
Section 17.02. Notice of resignations.
Section 17.025. Temporary vacancies.
Section 17.03. Vacancies, how caused.
Section 17.035. Vacancies; military leaves.
Section 17.05. Governor may declare vacancies.
Section 17.06. Removal of state officers; impeachment; address.
Section 17.07. Removals; legislative and appointive state officers.
Section 17.08. Suspension of receiver of moneys.
Section 17.09. Removal of elective county officers.
Section 17.10. Removal of appointive county officers.
Section 17.11. Suspension of district attorney or sheriff.
Section 17.12. Removal and suspension of city officers.
Section 17.13. Removal of village, town, town sanitary district, school district, and technical college officers.
Section 17.14. Removal; assessors; boards of review; county boards; procedure.
Section 17.15. Removals; other officers.
Section 17.16. Removals; definition; procedure; disqualification.
Section 17.17. Notice of vacancies.
Section 17.18. Vacancies, U.S. senator and representative in congress; how filled.
Section 17.19. Vacancies, elective state offices; how filled.
Section 17.20. Vacancies in appointive state offices; how filled; terms.
Section 17.21. Vacancies in elective county offices; how filled; term.
Section 17.22. Vacancies in appointive county offices; how filled.
Section 17.23. Vacancies in city offices; how filled.
Section 17.24. Vacancies in village offices.
Section 17.245. New city, village or town office, filling.
Section 17.25. Vacancies in town offices; how filled.
Section 17.26. Vacancies in school boards; how filled.
Section 17.27. Vacancies in other offices; how filled.
Section 17.275. Records of applicants for elective positions.
Section 17.28. When officers may hold office.
Section 17.285. Temporary vacancies; elections.
Section 17.29. Effect of chapter.