Chapter 118. General School Operations  

Section 118.001. Duties and powers of school boards; construction of statutes.
Section 118.01. Educational goals and expectations.
Section 118.015. Reading instruction.
Section 118.016. Assessments of reading readiness.
Section 118.017. Foreign language instruction.
Section 118.019. Human growth and development instruction.
Section 118.02. Special observance days.
Section 118.025. Arbor day observance.
Section 118.03. Textbooks.
Section 118.035. School uniforms.
Section 118.04. Summer classes.
Section 118.045. Commencement of school term.
Section 118.05. School conservation camps.
Section 118.06. Flag, pledge of allegiance, and national anthem.
Section 118.07. Health and safety requirements.
Section 118.075. Indoor environmental quality in schools.
Section 118.076. Lifesaving skills instruction.
Section 118.08. School zones; crossings.
Section 118.09. Safety zones.
Section 118.10. School safety patrols.
Section 118.105. Control of traffic on school premises.
Section 118.11. School fences.
Section 118.12. Sale of goods and services at schools.
Section 118.123. Reports and records; forfeitures.
Section 118.125. Pupil records.
Section 118.126. Privileged communications.
Section 118.127. Law enforcement agency information.
Section 118.13. Pupil discrimination prohibited.
Section 118.133. Participation in interscholastic athletics and extracurricular activities.
Section 118.134. Race-based nicknames, logos, mascots, and team names.
Section 118.135. Eye examinations and evaluations.
Section 118.14. Age of pupils; phase in of 4-year-old kindergarten.
Section 118.145. Admission to high school.
Section 118.15. Compulsory school attendance.
Section 118.153. Children at risk of not graduating from high school.
Section 118.155. Released time for religious instruction.
Section 118.16. School attendance enforcement.
Section 118.162. Truancy committee and plan.
Section 118.163. Municipal truancy and school dropout ordinances.
Section 118.164. Removal of pupils from the class.
Section 118.165. Private schools.
Section 118.167. Private school determination by state superintendent.
Section 118.169. Pupil identification numbers.
Section 118.17. Indigent children.
Section 118.175. Pupils without parents or guardians; report required.
Section 118.18. Teacher reports.
Section 118.19. Teacher certificates and licenses.
Section 118.191. Experience-based licensure for technical and vocational education subjects.
Section 118.192. Professional teaching permits.
Section 118.193. Licenses based on reciprocity.
Section 118.194. Initial license to teach; Montessori.
Section 118.195. Discrimination against handicapped teachers prohibited.
Section 118.20. Teacher discrimination prohibited.
Section 118.21. Teacher contracts.
Section 118.22. Renewal of teacher contracts.
Section 118.223. Collective bargaining.
Section 118.225. Teacher evaluations.
Section 118.23. Populous counties; teacher tenure.
Section 118.235. Lunch period for teachers.
Section 118.24. School district administrator.
Section 118.245. Referendum; increase in employee wages.
Section 118.25. Health examinations.
Section 118.255. Health treatment services for children with special physical or mental health treatment needs.
Section 118.257. Liability for referral to police.
Section 118.258. Electronic communication devices prohibited.
Section 118.26. Claim against school district.
Section 118.27. Gifts and grants.
Section 118.28. Community action agencies.
Section 118.29. Administration of drugs to pupils and emergency care.
Section 118.291. Asthmatic pupils; possession and use of inhalers.
Section 118.292. Possession and use of epinephrine auto-injectors.
Section 118.2925. Life-threatening allergies in schools; use of epinephrine auto-injectors.
Section 118.293. Concussion and head injury.
Section 118.295. Suicide intervention; civil liability exemption.
Section 118.30. Pupil assessment.
Section 118.301. Alternative pupil assessments.
Section 118.305. Use of seclusion and physical restraint.
Section 118.31. Corporal punishment.
Section 118.32. Strip search by school employee.
Section 118.325. Locker searches.
Section 118.33. High school graduation standards; criteria for promotion.
Section 118.34. Technical preparation programs.
Section 118.35. Programs for gifted and talented pupils.
Section 118.38. Waivers of laws and rules.
Section 118.40. Charter schools.
Section 118.42. Low-performing school districts and schools; state superintendent interventions.
Section 118.43. Achievement guarantee contracts; state aid.
Section 118.44. Achievement gap reduction; state aid.
Section 118.45. Tests for alcohol use.
Section 118.46. Policy on bullying.
Section 118.50. Whole grade sharing.
Section 118.51. Full-time open enrollment.
Section 118.52. Course options.
Section 118.53. Attendance by pupils enrolled in a home-based private educational program.
Section 118.55. Youth options program.
Section 118.56. Work based learning programs.
Section 118.57. Notice of educational options; accountability report performance category; pupil assessments.
Section 118.60. Parental choice program for eligible school districts and other school districts.


Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 115.001 .