Chapter 108. Unemployment Insurance And Reserves  

Section 108.01. Public policy declaration.
Section 108.015. Construction.
Section 108.02. Definitions.
Section 108.025. Coverage of certain corporate officers and limited liability company members.
Section 108.03. Payment of benefits.
Section 108.04. Eligibility for benefits.
Section 108.05. Amount of benefits.
Section 108.06. Benefit entitlement.
Section 108.062. Work-share programs; benefit payments.
Section 108.065. Determination of employer.
Section 108.066. Seasonal employers and seasons.
Section 108.067. Professional employer organizations and leasing agreements.
Section 108.068. Treatment of limited liability companies and members.
Section 108.07. Liability of employers.
Section 108.08. Notification.
Section 108.09. Settlement of benefit claims.
Section 108.095. False statements or representations to obtain benefits payable to other persons.
Section 108.10. Settlement of issues other than benefit claims.
Section 108.101. Effect of finding, determination, decision or judgment.
Section 108.105. Suspension of agents.
Section 108.11. Agreement to contribute by employees void.
Section 108.12. Waiver of benefit void.
Section 108.13. Deductions from benefit payments.
Section 108.133. Testing for controlled substances.
Section 108.135. Income tax withholding.
Section 108.14. Administration.
Section 108.141. Extended benefits.
Section 108.142. Wisconsin supplemental benefits.
Section 108.145. Disaster unemployment assistance.
Section 108.15. Benefits for public employees.
Section 108.151. Financing benefits for employees of nonprofit organizations.
Section 108.152. Financing benefits for employees of Indian tribes.
Section 108.155. Liability of reimbursable employers for identity theft.
Section 108.16. Unemployment reserve fund.
Section 108.161. Federal administrative financing account.
Section 108.162. Employment security buildings and equipment.
Section 108.17. Payment of contributions.
Section 108.18. Contributions to the fund.
Section 108.19. Contributions to the administrative account and unemployment interest payment and program integrity funds.
Section 108.20. Administrative account.
Section 108.205. Quarterly wage reports.
Section 108.21. Record and audit of payrolls.
Section 108.22. Timely reports, notices and payments.
Section 108.221. Misclassification; administrative assessments.
Section 108.223. Financial record matching program.
Section 108.225. Levy for delinquent contributions or benefit overpayments.
Section 108.227. License denial, nonrenewal, discontinuation, suspension and revocation based on delinquent unemployment insurance contributions.
Section 108.23. Preference of required payments.
Section 108.24. Penalties.
Section 108.245. Recovery of erroneous payments from fund.
Section 108.26. Saving clause.


Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 103.001 .
Cross-reference: See also ch. DWD 100 to ch. DWD 150 , Wis. adm. code.