Section 95.46. Brucellosis vaccination; official vaccinates.  

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  • (1)  It is unlawful for any person other than an approved veterinarian to treat any bovine animal with any biological product containing Brucella organisms.
    (2)  No bovine animals may be vaccinated against brucellosis except calves within age ranges prescribed by department rules. Such calves may be vaccinated by approved veterinarians if officially reported to the department and permanently identified as official vaccinates as required under this section and rules of the department.
    (3)  All animals vaccinated by approved veterinarians shall be identified by a tattoo on the inner surface of the right ear of each such animal, using such symbols as the department by rule prescribes.
    (4)  All veterinarians shall use only vaccine provided under federal regulations or produced by or under the direction or supervision of the department. They shall identify the vaccinates as required in sub. (3) and record in triplicate on forms prepared by the department the information it requires. The veterinarian shall transmit one copy of the vaccination record to the department within 15 days after the date of vaccination, furnish one copy to the owner of the animals, and retain one copy for the veterinarian's own file.
    (6)  Official vaccinates need not be identified as reactors until they are past 20 months of age unless there is other evidence of infection in the herd.
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