Section 95.36. Indemnity not allowed.  

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  • The owners of animals condemned and slaughtered under the provisions of this chapter shall receive no indemnity therefor in the following cases:
    (1)  Animals owned by the United States, this state or any county, city, town or village.
    (2)  Animals brought into this state contrary to any provisions of law.
    (3)  Animals which the owner at the time of coming into possession of them knew or had reason to believe to be afflicted with contagious or infectious disease.
    (4)  Animals diseased at the time of arrival in this state.
    (5)  Animals which the owner has negligently or willfully exposed to contagious or infectious disease.
    (6)  Animals brought into this state that fail to pass successfully the retests subsequent to importation as required by regulation of the department.
    (7)  When the infected premises have not been disinfected, to the satisfaction of the department in such manner as to prevent the further spread of the disease.
    (8)  Unless the animal condemned and slaughtered was owned by the claimant at least 30 days prior to the test which discloses the reaction.
    (9)  Where the owner has received indemnity as a result of a former inspection or test, and has thereafter introduced into his or her herd any bovine contrary to law or the regulations of the department.
    (10)  If the owner of the animal has failed to comply with s. 95.51 (2) .
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