Section 95.27. Pseudorabies control program; indemnities.  

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  • (1)  In order to detect, control and eradicate pseudorabies the department shall obtain blood or tissue samples from Wisconsin swine on a systematic basis. The department shall test the samples for pseudorabies.
    (2)  In the eradication and control of pseudorabies, the department may, whenever such action is necessary to prevent or reduce the spread of disease, quarantine or condemn and order the destruction of any swine which in the opinion of the department are infected with or have been exposed to pseudorabies.
    (3)  The department may enter into cooperative agreements with the federal government or any department or other agency for the control and eradication of pseudorabies in this state, including the payment of indemnities authorized under this section.
    (4)  Subject to sub. (5) and s. 95.36 , the department shall indemnify the owner of swine that have been condemned and destroyed under this section. The department shall pay to the owner for each animal destroyed the difference between the net salvage value and the appraised value of the animal, but the payment may not exceed $1,500 for an animal. State payments shall be made from the appropriation under s. 20.115 (2) (b) .
    (5)  Indemnities may not be paid under this section unless the owner of affected swine enters into, and acts in accordance with, an agreement with the department for the eradication of pseudorabies. An agreement entered into under this section shall contain a plan for the eradication of pseudorabies and shall be based upon scientifically accepted methods. The department shall monitor the implementation of an agreement to determine compliance and to determine whether the agreement needs to be modified.
    (6)  The owner of any swine affected by this section may appeal an order made under this section by filing with the department a request for a hearing under s. 93.18 within 5 days after receipt of notice of the order.
    (7)  A person in control of any premises on which swine have died of pseudorabies shall promptly dispose of the carcasses as provided under s. 95.50 or have the carcasses removed by a renderer licensed under s. 95.72 .
    (8)  The department may adopt rules that are necessary to administer this section.
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