Section 95.26. Brucellosis control program.  

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  • (3)  If the existence of brucellosis within the state results in the termination of its status as a certified brucellosis-free area by the U.S. department of agriculture, the department shall request the release of funds by the joint committee on finance from the appropriation under s. 20.865 (4) (a) to pay for official vaccination, as provided in s. 95.46 (2) , of all female calves located within any county where the incidence of brucellosis disqualifies it for such designation.
    (4)  Cattle and American bison that are classified as “reactors" to the brucellosis test, whether or not conducted pursuant to this section, shall be slaughtered. A report of any test disclosing reactors shall be mailed to the owner thereof. The reactors shall be identified by a reactor tag and permanent mark as prescribed by the department. The owner shall effect slaughter of the reactors within 15 days of the date they are so identified, except that the department, for cause shown, may extend the time an additional 15 days. If the owner of reactors fails to comply with this subsection within the time limited, the department shall cause the removal and slaughter of the reactors. No indemnity shall be paid on any reactors disposed of by the department. No milk shall be sold from any reactors or from any herd of cattle in which reactors are kept contrary to the provisions of this section.
    (5)  When reactors to any brucellosis test are disclosed in a herd of cattle or American bison the department shall quarantine the entire herd by serving written notice thereof, either personally or by mail, on the owner or person in charge, but such quarantine shall not be imposed if the department, upon the basis of the clinical history of the herd with respect to brucellosis and the recommendation of the attending veterinarian, determines it is improbable that the cattle or American bison will contract brucellosis. No cattle or American bison subject to the quarantine shall be removed from the premises where the cattle or American bison are quarantined, except upon written permit of the department. The quarantine shall remain in full force until removed by the department. Such retests shall be conducted as the department finds necessary to eliminate all reactors or other evidence of infection in the herd.
    (a) The department may obtain blood or tissue samples from swine and farm-raised deer to test for brucellosis.
    (b) The department may condemn swine and farm-raised deer that are reactors to the brucellosis test and may quarantine the herd from which the reactors come.
    (6)  The department may acquire, equip and maintain laboratories, including mobile units and promulgate rules and regulations not inconsistent with law so as to effectively execute its functions under the brucellosis control program.
    (7)  For each animal of a species raised primarily to produce food for human consumption, including farm-raised deer, condemned and slaughtered, except as provided in ss. 95.36 and 95.48 , the owner shall receive and, upon certificate of the department, the state shall pay two-thirds of the difference between the net salvage value and the appraised value of the animal, but the payment may not exceed $1,500 for an animal. With the consent of the owner the department may condemn, in infected herds, animals which have been exposed and which are suspected of being infected, although the animals have not reacted to the brucellosis tests.