Section 95.25. Tuberculosis control program.  

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  • (1)  In order to detect and control bovine tuberculosis the department may test for tuberculosis those cattle where indication of possible infection is disclosed by means of the slaughter cattle identification program and any other cattle, farm-raised deer or other species the department has reason to believe may be infected or exposed or considers necessary to test for any other reason. Tuberculosis tests authorized by the department shall be made at such times and in such manner as the department determines, in the light of the latest and best scientific and practical knowledge and experience.
    (2)  Upon reasonable notice, the department, its authorized agents and all inspectors and persons appointed or authorized to assist in the work of applying the tuberculin test, may enter any buildings or enclosures where cattle, farm-raised deer or other species are, for the purpose of making inspection and applying the tuberculin test, and any person who interferes therewith or obstructs them in their work or attempts to obstruct or prevent by force the inspection and the testing shall, in addition to the penalty prescribed therefor, be liable for all damages caused thereby to the state or to any person lawfully engaged in the work of inspection and testing.
    (2m)  The owner or other person in possession of animals subject to inspection or testing under this section shall provide animal handling facilities to ensure the safety of the animals and the persons conducting the inspection or testing under this section.
    (3)  The department shall provide all the necessary equipment and supplies and inspectors and make all arrangements necessary for the carrying on and completion of the work authorized by this section. If any such equipment or supplies are no longer needed, they may be disposed of by the department of administration, and the proceeds derived from the sale shall be paid into the state treasury and credited to the appropriation for such testing.
    (4)  Retests of infected herds shall be made by the department at such intervals as the department deems necessary to protect the work already done and to preserve the modified accredited or tuberculosis free status of the state under the specifications and regulations of the U.S. department of agriculture and the agreements among the various states.
    (4m)  The department is not liable for injury to or death of animals during inspection or testing under this section unless negligence by the department causes the injury or death.
    (5)  For each animal of a species raised primarily to produce food for human consumption, including farm-raised deer, condemned and slaughtered, except as provided in s. 95.36 , the owner shall receive and, upon certificate of the department, the state shall pay two-thirds of the difference between the net salvage value and the appraised value of the animal, but the payment may not exceed $1,500 for an animal.
    (6)  The department may, with the owner's consent, condemn animals which have been exposed to tuberculosis or which are suspected of being infected, although such animals have not reacted to the tuberculosis tests.
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