Section 95.23. Disease investigation and enforcement.  

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  • (1)  Authorized inspectors and agents of the department may enter at reasonable times any premises, building or place to investigate the existence of animal diseases or to investigate violations of or otherwise enforce the laws relating to animal health. Any animals or materials suspected of being infected may be examined or tested. No person shall obstruct or interfere with such investigation or enforcement work, or attempt to do so, in any manner, by threat or otherwise.
    (a) The department may conduct surveillance testing to determine whether animals have chronic wasting disease, if the department has reason to believe that the animals have been exposed to chronic wasting disease.
    (b) The department shall indemnify the owner of an animal that must be killed in order to conduct testing under par. (a) in an amount equal to two-thirds of the difference between the net salvage value and the appraised value of the animal but not more than $1,500 for one animal, except as provided in s. 95.31 (3m) . The department may pay an indemnity under this paragraph from the appropriation account under s. 20.115 (2) (b) only if funds received by the department under s. 20.115 (2) (m) and (8) (ks) for the payment of indemnities are insufficient to pay the indemnity.
    (2)  Upon request of an authorized inspector or agent of the department, sheriffs and police officers shall assist in the enforcement of the laws relating to animal health.
    (3)  Upon reasonable notice from the department, owners or persons in charge of animals shall cause them to be restrained or confined so that they may be identified, examined and tested or otherwise treated or disposed of as authorized by law.
    (4)  When any animals or materials infected or suspected of being infected have been quarantined, no person shall remove them from the premises, or otherwise fail to comply with the terms of the quarantine, except upon written permit from the department.
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