Section 95.001. Definitions.  

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  • (1)  As used in this chapter:
    (ad) “Domestic animal" means any of the following:
    1. An animal that is a member of a species that has been domesticated by humans.
    2. A farm-raised deer, farm-raised game bird, or farm-raised fish.
    3. An animal that is listed as a domestic animal by rule by the department.
    (ag) “Farm-raised deer" means a cervid that is kept in captivity or a cervid that is present in the wild and that has an ear tag or other mark identifying it as being raised on a farm.
    (ah) “Farm-raised fish" means any fish egg that is present on a fish farm or any fish that is reared on a fish farm.
    (ai) “Farm-raised game bird" has the meaning given in s. 169.01 (12m) .
    (aj) “Fish farm" means a facility at which a person hatches fish eggs or rears fish for the purpose of introduction into the waters of the state, human or animal consumption, permitting fishing, use as bait or fertilizer or any other purpose specified by the department by rule or for sale to another person to rear for one of those purposes.
    (am) “Net salvage value" means the salvage value of an animal plus any federal indemnity paid for the animal.
    (b) “Official vaccinate" means any female bovine animal officially reported to the department as having been vaccinated by an approved veterinarian at an age and in accordance with the procedures the department prescribes and which was properly tattooed at the time of vaccination as required by law or rules of the department.
    (c) “Paratuberculosis" means the disease of domestic ruminants, commonly known as Johne's disease, that is caused by mycobacterium paratuberculosis.
    (2)  The department shall promulgate rules defining the term “contagious or infectious diseases" as used in this chapter.